How To See Someone’s First Message On Facebook Messenger Without Scrolling

Our life has become a lot easier since ‘Messaging’ got introduced. Over the years, every social media platform grew and now each one of them has a voice call or video call option in it. But, none of these features reduced people’s interest in texting. Messaging has always been people’s first choice when it comes to converse with others, especially, for teenagers who chat with each other behind their parents back or for the introvert people who are very shy to interact in reality. Facebook users can now even mark people unread when they are not in the mood for conversation. Many such features have been added to make messaging more preferred option for users.

You often lose track of time while having a good conversation with your friend. So, obviously there’s no way you would keep track of all the messages side by side. Nobody does that. Your chats with your best friend often contains important work, gossips,  pictures of you two and so on. What if one day you really need to find an old important message but looking at the long conversations you had with them makes it impossible to find it. Scrolling through all the messages just to find that one important text will drive you crazy and might waste a lot of your time. So, Is there any way you can find an old message quickly without going through all the scrolling part?  Yes, there is a perfect solution for your problem that we are going to discuss in today’s blog. So,  let’s get started.

How To See Someone’s First Message On Facebook Messenger Without Scrolling

Use Keywords On Messenger To See Their First Message

Most of the social media apps have this feature of ‘keywords’ which can be used to find a particular chat. Well, there’s no need to worry if you do not the concept of keywords. They are words or phrases related to the topic of your conversation.

Basically, if you want to find an old message in someone’s chat, you will have to scroll a lot through the chats. But, you can now save your time by using the keywords related to that chat. If you are looking for something particular, then you might also remember what the conversation was about. So, you can open that person’s chat on Messenger, type the keyword related to that chat on Search bar and press Enter. Once you do that, Facebook will start showing you old messages related to that keyword.

Let’s look at the steps to know more in detail:

  1. Go to Facebook Messenger, enter the email & password of your account and hit ‘Log In’ button.
  2. You will be taken to the DM section of your account which contains all the chats you had done with your Facebook friends. At the top you will be shown see the person who are online. Also, if someone is not showing in that online list, you can now find out if they have turned off the active status
  3. Then, open any person’s chat whose particular message you want to find.
  4. Once, their conversation opens, look at the top right corner and you will see an ‘i’ icon. Click on it.
  5. Some options will get displayed on your screen, get your eyes on the ‘More actions’ category and click on the ‘Search in conversation’ option under it.
  6. A box will appear with ‘Search in conversation’ written on it. Tap on it and type the keywords related to the conversation you are looking for.
  7. Finally, hit the ‘Search’ button and Facebook will start showing you the matching search results.
  8. Select the first matched result and that message will get opened in the chat box without scrolling.

Download Your Messages (Backread Fast In Messenger)

One way of finding old message is by downloading the whole chat data on your computer. Just like how WhatsApp allows its people to export chats on their device, Facebook also has this in-built feature of letting you download chat data or any other data of your account on your computer and see it later. You can use this feature to see the old messages you are looking for. You won’t have to stay online on Facebook the whole time and scroll through the chat. Whenever you are free, you can open the downloaded pdf of whole chat and look for the message peacefully.

  1. Open your computer, go to Facebook and login to your account.
  2. Select the last icon you can see at the top right corner of your window which is shaped like a small circle with your profile picture in it.
  3. Then, locate ‘Settings and privacy’ button and click on it.
  4. Some more options will get displayed, so, from these, choose the first one which is, ‘Settings’ option.
  5. The Settings page will get opened with all its options at the left side of your computer/laptop’s screen.
  6. Simply, focus on the third option, ‘Your Facebook Information’ and select it.
  7. Many options related to your Facebook data are in this tab but all you need to do is, click on ‘View’ button right next to the third option which is ‘Download Your Information’.
  8. Once you click on View, you will be given some options like ‘Select file options’ where you can choose the format of your file. Tap on the downwards arrow button appearing right next to Format option.
  9. You can choose to download your file in HTML, JSON format.
  10. Then, tap on the arrow for second option and select the media quality in which you want to download your file. As per our knowledge, you should go for high-quality media so that it is easier to read and the photo and videos are not blur.
  11. The last option is ‘Data Range’. You can choose any option whether it is- Last week, Last month, Last 3 months, Last 6 months, Last year, Last 3 years, All Time and Custom. If this doesn’t match the time range of data you need, you can simply click on ‘Custom’ and choose a starting and ending date of that particular time period.
  12. After that, scroll down and select the type of information you want to download. You can either select some or select all of them depending on your choice. As we are talking about ‘Messages’ today, deselect each one of them and let the blue tick mark remain next to ‘Messages’ option only. This method can also be used to download friend list of Facebook.
  13. At last, go at the bottom of the page and click on ‘Request to download’.
  14. Once it gets downloaded, open the file and use ‘Ctrl +F’ function to find the chat you are looking for.


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