Hide it pro : A Secret Hidding App For Smart Phones

Have you use any app  in your smart phone for locking or hiding to your stuff like images , videos and something which is private. I know you all use. But can you hide your stuff in audio manager? If yes then ok , but if no then come forward.

What is Hide It Pro

It is a stuff hiding and locking app for smart phone but the best thing of this software is when you open this software it looks like audio manager. Below is a tutorial on how to use this app.
When you launch the app you’ll see a screen similar to below one.  It looks like an Audio Manager app.

Step2) To go to the Actual hide it pro. Long Press on the Audio Manager Icon  to go the actual locker.  But this audio manager is also full working. You also can change volumes from here directly.

Folder hider App For Android

Step3) Choose a Lock Screen Type . Select  one from Password based or Pin Based.  Also set  a recovery email.

Folder hider App For Android

Once the procedure is complete you will be taken back to the previous screen. Long press on the title that lets you to the lock screen. Then enter you password/pin to login.

Then you will be shown your Videos and Pictures Vault.

How to Hide Files In The Vault

Step4) Go to your default android gallery

Step5) Select the pictures/videos which you want to hide >>> click Share >>> Select Audio Manager 
Step6)Now from here create a new folder (in the vault) or you can save in an existing folder in the vault. 

I am saving  in a new folder with a name “Kung Fu Panda”

Folder hider App For Android

To view the hidden files Go to the your Vault >>> Click on the Pictures >>>choose one album which was you created.
To unhide Long Press on the album and select Unhide. 

Folder hider App For Android

Before exiting Please hide the files by running Media Scanner by going in Vault and click Run Media Scanner from the Options Menu

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