How To Activate WhatsApp Calling Feature

Back to talk once again of the famous instant messaging program most used in the world, or WhatsApp, which apparently, has decided once again to talk about.

Today in particular we will discover a new feature eagerly awaited by users and which was introduced with the latest updates; the new feature that was added to the program and one of which we’ll talk about today is the ability to make calls on WhatsApp .

How To Active WhatsApp Calling Feature

Although many users have thought that this was to be a feature to be included from the first update of WhatsApp, the development team behind this application has preferred to give space before other features that will surely thought of greater importance than the latter which is been added lately.

Below you will find the guide to enable calls on WhatsApp, so that you can use as WhatsApp final program is for calls to chat with your friends. Let ‘s see what is needed to have access to this new feature.

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Steps To Activate WhatsApp Calling Feature :-

1)Update WhatsApp app to latest version v2.12.19. You can update from this official WhatsApp website.

In the latest update of whatsapp you don’t need to have a special invitation, in other words, must necessarily receive a call through this program who already has this feature.

2)Once you update the version, three tabs(calls, chats and contacts) will be appear at the top of your WhatsApp. This means voice calling feature has been activated.

If you activate and use WhatsApp Web was extremely easy and functional.

How To Active WhatsApp Calling Feature

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Last Words: WhatsApp seems to have decided to use this mechanism because it wants the service to be spread in the first moments only to a limited number of users to see if this has several bugs that can be corrected or other problems whatsoever. Surely in the coming weeks there will be some interesting innovations in this field and calls will become a feature available for the general public, so stay with us for regular updates about enabling this feature for users iOS and Windows Phone. If you want to ask any question regarding this article then feel free and ask in comment box.

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