How To Check The Quality Of Your Android Phone Charger And Cable

Hello Friends!!! Today I am going to share a android trick which helps you to “Check The Quality Of Your Android Phone Charger And Cable.”It is known that the chargers are different and that some charge faster our device than others. But how can we be sure that we chose the best and fastest charger for our device? For this problem we have a android app Ampere. 

How To Check The Quality Of Your Android Phone Charger And Cable

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Ampere shows us the approximate consumption when we are not in charge, taking into account our rules at the time, such as the brightness level or running applications in the background. So when you connect the charger, see directly whether the provision is correct. For example if our device consumes 300mA and our charger is 1000mA, when you connect it to that should show us the amount of 700mA (1000 – 300 = 700). This means that every hour, our charger “fills” the battery at 700mA, and a battery size 2800mAh should be loaded in four hours (2800/700 = 4). 

So what if we have smaller values ​​than those we expect to see? Obviously there is a problem, either the charger or USB cable. With the help of Ampere So we can try different chargers and cables that we have older or newer devices and find the combination that will best serve our own. 

Click here to download the app from play store Ampere

Last Words: Hope you understand how to safe your android phone from harmful chargers.  If you want to ask any question regarding this trick then feel free and ask in comment box.

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