How To Convert 1/2gb Pen drive or Memory card in 4gb

How To Convert 1/2gb Pen drive or Memory card in 4gb

Hi friends, I know many of you  have old Pendrive/memorycard which can store only 1gb or 2 gb of data. So want to extend it’s capacity of storage ? Everybody have these pendrive/memorycard which. Can store 1 or 2gb. Because some time ago these pendrives was enough for us. But at this time it is very less because it can’t store only 1 HD movies  which is 3-4 GB. So what  do. ? I have a solution for this

problem . In this article I will teach you the trick to increase your Pendrive’s/memorycard size from 1 or 2 GB to 4 GB.

 How To Convert 1/2gb Pen drive or Memory card in 4gb


Is it simple? And  can anybody do it?

It is vey simple task which complete in a few steps. Anyone can do it without facing problem. It is also 100% safe and tested by us.  There is very simple steps for doing this trick. If you facing any problem you can ask from me through comment box.
The turtoil is listed below.
Steps to do this:-
  1. First of all you have to download a  software which is required to complete this task. Click here to download…. 
  1. Extract software to a separate drive or folder and open the folder.
  1. Now connect your memorycard/pendrive  to PC. Use can  card reader for connect memory card.
  1. Give any name to your Memory card / pendrive. Let we  give name it “trickyticks”.
  1. Now go to the folder or drive where you extract the software and open the Drive increaser2.bat
  1. It will ask you for the name of your memory card or pendrive, just enter the name of your memory card or Pendrive. E.g. in my case the name is trickyticks and press the enter button.
  1. After that it will ask you to for entering the Drive Latter. So go to  My Computer and see what latter is assign to your memory card or pendive. In my case it’s G: so type G: over there and press the enter button.
Now enjoy,  you convert your pendrive / memory card from 1gb / 2gb to 4gb.
You can see video turtoil
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Last Words:-
                  It is very amazing trick. Because this trick is old sometimes it is not working. It works 90% so if it is not works in your system we feels sorry. And we alao try to update new version of this trick. Thanks for visit and please keep visit.

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