How To Enable Facebook Chat Head In Your Pc

Facebook chat heads is a way which helps you to know who sent message to you. Chat head is a small icons that appear on your official app( Facebook Messenger) every time when someone sends you a message Some time ago, this feature is only available in android phones, But the developer of the Chrome Store has discovered a way to enable the same function in Google Chrome browser of Pc. Now you will be able to see the chat heads in your pc with google chrome browser.

How To Enable Facebook Chat Head In Your Pc

Enable Facebook Chat Heads in PC

Now you need to install an extension for Chrome called allowing us to use the Facebook chat in Google Chrome. only runs in Google Chrome browser so you can not use any browser other than Google Chrome.

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You must be logged into your Facebook account, before you follow the following procedure.

1. Now you have to download the Google Chrome extension from the Google web store.  So click here…

2. Once you are there, click on the button that says “FREE” .This will start the download.

3. You should now see a pop-up menu asking for confirmation ,click the button that says “Add” .This will add the extension to your browser.

4. Once installed the extension, you’ll see a confirmation message that shows the installation is successfully completed.

5. Now click on the extension icon to the browser in the upper right corner. Now you can see all the conversations you’ve had so far.

Now,when someone sends you a message on Facebook, you’ll be able to see a chat head in your google chrome browser similar to , what was in the Facebook Messenger application on your smartphone.

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Last Words: Facebook Chat Heads is one of the greatest ways to keep in touch with the people important to you, ignoring everything else that has no use for you. From now you will able to use this feature in your pc also. Thanks for visit our site. If your have any problem regarding this trick, then feel free and ask in comment box. And share this trick with your friends, because sharing is caring..!!!

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