How To Find Someone’s Email Address From Instagram

In today’s generation, every official work requires your email address to be filled in so that any big company or a person can contact and give you updates. This has become a compulsory option in social media world also. For example, while making an account on Facebook or Instagram, the app asks you to fill in your email address so that if by chance in future you ever forget your password or any unusual login happens, the app can contact you directly on your email and update you about all the information. Teens these days use their email account to get official updates about their school or colleges and business man or job people use them to get updates from their companies and work proposal from other people.

As we all know Instagram is a multi functioning app which serves many purpose like texting, calling, entertainment, work and so on. You can connect with anyone on Instagram and even with strangers whether it’s for socializing or work purpose. Instagram contains millions of accounts, some of them are private, public, business profile and creator account. People who work through Instagram get lots of dm’s regarding promotion, collaboration, jobs and so on. Some of them contains messages through random strangers and some from the brand companies.

Their Instagram message section gets flooded with personal messages and this is why, professional companies and collaborative brands nowadays prefer email address as a medium for contact. You can delete every message at once but how many times would you do it? So, you will see that such people will have an email address or any contact detail shared on their Instagram profile to make their professional work easier. Well, it does not always work for every profile. So, lets read the whole blog carefully and see how we can find email address of someone on Instagram and why is it not shared by every profile.

Why Can’t I Find Email On Every Instagram Profile?

Every popular social media platform has a tight security and privacy for their users. Well, no doubt every company’s first choice is to make their users feel comfortable with the app and this is why no app shares any kind of personal information of its users to the public. In some cases, the app will give you choice like in Instagram, you are asked to fill in your personal details such as email and phone number but never shown to others. This information is required to fill in so that if you ever get locked out of your account, you can use phone number or email to contact the Instagram Help Centre or reset your password. But, these information are only made visible to you and not to public.

There are some people who choose to share their contact information to others. Therefore, only these people will have an email address shown on their profile and not everyone.

How To Find Someone’s Email Address From Instagram

Tap On Email Button

As explained above, Email Address have become so much helpful these days that almost every person has an account of themselves. Instagram allows its people to use this email address for finding others on the platform. A new feature of ‘Email’ and ‘Text’ was introduced by Instagram. It is easily visible on someone’s profile but this method only works on app version of Instagram and not on the desktop version. All you have to do is open the profile of that person whose email you want to find, and you will see an ‘Email’ button. Click on it and you are done.

Find Email On Their Profile

  1. Go to Instagram app on your Android or iOS device and log in to your account by entering your username and password.
  2. Once it gets opened, you will see yourself on the home tab of your account. Look at the bottom and a  magnifying glass icon will appear there.
  3. Click on it to go to explore page. A search bar will be placed at the top of your explore page, tap on it and type the username of the person whose email id you want to find.
  4. After typing their username in the search bar, hit the enter button and Instagram will start showing you a list of accounts related to that username. From this search bar section, you can see the history of your Instagram search.
  5. Locate the one you are finding and select their profile.
  6. If the person has set their profile privacy of showing Email address to everyone, then you are lucky in this case. When you will get to their profile, you will see an ‘Email’ option along with Follow button and Message button.
  7. Click on the ‘Email’ button to contact the other person and your Gmail app will get opened with their email already filled in ‘To’ section.
  8. You can copy their email from there and save it in the notepad. Or, if you want to send them a message on email you can proceed with rest of the steps.

Use Forgot Password Option

This is a very easy method but we do not guarantee that it will work 100%. What you need to do is:

  1. Open Instagram and find the targeted person’s profile.
  2. Copy their username or last portion of their profile URL.
  3. Then, open Instagram’s log-in page and paste the username of that person in ‘Username’ box.
  4. Tap on ‘Forgotten password’ button appearing in blue colour. Once you click on it, Instagram might show the email linked to that profile.

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