How To Get A Notification When Someone Is Online On WhatsApp

WhatsApp, the famous encrypted messaging app is one common app which can be found on almost every person’s phone these days. The features it offers is quite what attracts everyone towards this app. The platform observes its users need and provide them with everything that has been missing in the app. By developing itself, it gains more attention of people across the world resulting in increase of popularity rate. However, every person’s need is different and demands WhatsApp to launch different features after every few days. One such feature is for WhatsApp to notify people when someone comes online. Apps like Facebook and Instagram also allows its users to show their online status and hide it whenever they want. If you ever want to find out who has turned off their online status on Facebook, you can follow some tricks we have explained in the other blog.

At some point of time, you all must have had a person in your life whose message is all you wait for whether it’s a crush, boyfriend/girlfriend, best friend, someone very special or so on. Nobody is ever too free to stay online the whole day, so the other person only replies to your message whenever they come online. It’s always better to text any person when they are online so that you can get instant replies and have a proper conversation with them. However, you can’t always keep your WhatsApp open just to check when the other person is active there. This is why, people wanted an option of getting notified when somebody comes online on WhatsApp or when they are typing to someone.

The sad news is that WhatsApp has no such feature of notifying people about someone’s active status. But, there are many third party apps available for both Android and iOS users to get them out of this problem and let them know whenever their WhatsApp contact comes online. In today’s blog we will tell you about those third party apps and by the end you will know how to get notification when someone is online on WhatsApp. Let’s get started.

How To Get A Notification When Someone Comes Online On WhatsApp

Suppose you have lend your friend some money and now you want it back. But, the other person is not answering you calls or messages. In such a situation, you would want to know if he/she is actually busy somewhere else or coming online but ignoring you. Some people these days even have their read receipts option turned off which makes it impossible for us to find out whether they are ignoring your message or haven’t come online. However, you can still find out whether they read your text or not. And to know about their online status, you can’t just sit and stare at their chat the whole day. So, what else can you do? We have a perfect solution for you. As discussed above, there are some third party apps we are going to discuss about which will notify you whenever someone comes online on WhatsApp.

The first third party app is- WeLog- WhatsApp Online Tracker. All you need to do is download this app from your Play Store or it is available on App Store also as- wLog Online.

  1. After downloading the app, open it. Agree with all the privacy policy and allow the app for all the permission it asks for.
  2. Tap on Start Now and enter the Name and WhatsApp number whose online notification you want to get.
  3. Select the green button which says Add Number and you are done.
  4. You will start getting notification whenever someone is online on WhatsApp.

Some Other Third Party Apps For Tracking WhatsApp Online Status

OnlineNotify- WhatsApp Online Notification

This app is used by iOS users and before proceeding, keep in mind that it is not free. You will have to pay a small amount of money in order to use the app for online notification. Otherwise, if you are an iOS user you can check all its standard functions and in-built features but you won’t find such feature for getting online notification. Therefore, if you can afford to purchase the app, you should definitely go for OnlineNotify.

It is just for $1.99 and you will start get notifications whenever someone comes online, goes offline, text other people and so on. This app has helped a lot of people but lately we have observed a few problems within the app.
Besides getting notifications for coming online or going offline, users can also replace contacts status with their last seen and add an online indicator next to online users in the chat list.

WaStat– WhatsApp Tracker

WhatsApp has many unique features-from using one WhatsApp account on multiple phones to not even needing a password for logging in the account. But, feature like notifying about online status has not come up yet. This is why we have found one more amazing third party app for you which will help you in getting time to time updates of any person’s online status. The apps is called WaStat- WhatsApp Tracker. It can be downloaded on Android device and – notifies you when someone comes online, shows their last seen, and all time intervals in handy clock view.
The app also helps its users in analyzing the online status for last 30 days and monitor up to 10 profiles. You just have to download the app from Play Store and grant all permissions when you open it.

mSpy- Online WhatsApp Alert

Finally, an app which is available on both Android and iOS devices is mSpy. Being one of the most popular app, mSpy offers its users to know everything about their contact. There is not much to do in its installation process and once you download it, you will be able to connect it with your WhatsApp right away. People without technical skills can also operate this app without any difficult. Plus, you will get 24/7 customer support and a simple user interface within this app.

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