Inbound Marketing: What It Is And How To Do

While there were many and very drastic changes generated in Internet Marketing techniques, and has long been conceived one of the most significant changes: Inbound Marketing.

This technique did radically change the orientation in flowing marketing techniques. Traditionally, the orientation thereof, started from the company to its potential customers, breaking into the daily life of these. The Inbound Marketing came to change: now are customers who come to our company , attracted by the search for solutions to their common problems and needs. If you a blogger, then you should also check these useful tips to drive traffic on blog.

What is inbound marketing?

For decades we have used marketing techniques that we inherited from our parents and grandparents: advertising in magazines, radio and TV ads, mailing (promotions through traditional mail), brochures, catalogs, Public Relations, Telemarketing. The whole effort of these techniques started from your company to your potential customers in an increasingly tough attempt to capture the attention of them and transform them into final clients.

With the advent of the Internet, techniques altered slightly. It continued with the traditional strategy of looking for potential customers, with virtually the same marketing arsenal, but changing the “ammunition”: Promotional mass emails, advertisements in online directories, banners payments portals category, payment per click and payments search engine views.

This is known as the Outbound Marketing or, in other words, marketing is born from the company, directed to your prospects.

Currently these techniques are becoming less efficient for one simple reason: people are tired (tired in some cases, including this writer) of the constant advertising invasions into their daily lives. What they are starting to make your potential customers? Simply blocking them or ignoring them every day more and more. No longer looking in the Yellow Pages particular service is not paying enough attention to the ads.

Internet is becoming more and more important in filling needs not only entertainment or education, but to solve problems or both business and personal needs.

That was how the Inbound Marketing emerged. The concept of it is to alter the direction of flow marketing techniques, directing them to be where the potential customer is looking for solution to their problem or need.Simply let himself locate us. No longer is the company that makes efforts to capture the attention of these customers Ideals , breaking daily in the daily life of the same. On the contrary, it estrar present where anyone who has a problem or need to cover sought, will seek the solution … obviously, I mean problems or needs related to their products or services.

Outbound Marketing:

  • Telemarketing, mail, mass emails, advertisements in magazines, TV commercials / radio.
  • Your company looking for potential customers.
  • Capture the attention of people creating in need.

Inbound Marketing:

To understand more clearly the concept, let’s look at a simple example: suppose you want to repair your lawn mower. What is the first thing you do? Logically, as a worthy representative of Humanism Online , go to Google and ask: how to repair lawn mower. This, returns certain results, and you begin to sort them to make that click that generates interest. One of them says “Step by Step Guide: How to repair your lawn mower.” Great, it is what you need! By entering, not only they have a detailed article explaining step by step every problem, but some even have videos to expand the information. After each problem, find a link that provides “30% off pack Maintenance Kit for Lawn Mower – Do not have problems anymore.” This company not only taught him to repair his mower through this entire article, but also offers a kit, discounted for maintenance of the same and that this will not happen again.

If I look for how to fix my mower, it is logical to see me interested for a kit that will prevent me back to have the same problem, and of course that will interest me and help articles on repairing and maintaining my other garden tools.

You found the article on Google; you were the one who entered the blog of the company in search of a solution to a problem I had; and then, without anyone induce you purchased the Maintenance Kit and subscribed for more solutions and promotions: Inbound Marketing at its best.

What are the techniques of Inbound Marketing?

We have already analyzed the change in orientation in flowing marketing techniques in the Inbound Marketing. But what are these techniques?

Inbound Marketing techniques meet certain key features:

  • They are made ​​by Internet.
  • Mostly, they are free to carry them out, but they usually require a lot of time and dedication.
  • Derived traffic from a high conversion . What does this mean? Visitors who come to our shop through these techniques, are more prone to buy that regulate a visitor.

The Inbound Marketing covers the following areas:

  1. Content Marketing: By creating items aimed at solving certain problems, questions or needs of your ideal clients. 
  2. SEO or Search Engine Optimization: Perform search engine positioning of these items as well as the various sections of your Online Store.
  3. Email Marketing: Through Subscription to receive news about your blog or ecommerce, you can develop a large database of customers and potential customers , sending them to them all their material Inbound Marketing (solutions to a specific need or problem) directly to its email boxes, to awaken so, interest in their products or services.
  4. Social media: Interact with your customers and potential customers through various social networks. Currently the most popular are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+. The strategy of your company within the same will be a source of help or those people who turn to when questions, problems or needs are. You must be there and solve those concerns free. Everything returns, the Inbound Marketing eventually always rewards.
  5. Boca Boca: Free help others and they will help you. Let the word of mouth spread rapidly and spreads. I impúlselo creating items, sharing experiences, helping to solve problems, provide and make public knowledge. It will be awarded.
  6. Webinars: Webinars are a great source of future customers. A Webinar is an online course, plain and simple. The difference is that course participants are not physically present, but attendance is online. Make online webinars or courses on their products, various special techniques, share their best kept trade secrets and Webinars quickly overflow with concurentes. Worried that your competition will find out those secrets? Does matters! If the Internet is everything, you just have to look. I assure you that your most important, trade secrets are and are public for months or even years.Therefore, do not keep secrets, share everything as we do in Webfeek with these items.
  7. Infographics: The computer graphics are nothing but graphics on a certain topic or problem or need. They are simple, does not lack reading and information is clear and simple in the eyes of most neophyte.
  8. Research: Conduct research in areas of industry, immerse yourself in your niche and become a leader within it. Stop reading other investigations and start making your own. Internet gives us this at all today, as never before, the information was so handy for anyone.
  9. Public relations: Public relations is just the Facebook brought to real life. Sociabilice with friends, acquaintances, colleagues.Share information and try to help as many as you can. The Inbound Marketing will reward either with specific customers or referrals.
  10. Questions And Answers Sites: Many websites of questions and answers, where your potential customers are leaving their questions or problems about your products or services now. You should just go there and answer them. This will give new visitors and contacts. The ones I like are Yahoo Answers and LinkedIn Answers .
  11. Forums: While they have had their heyday a few years ago, today have been replaced by the Communities Google+ or Facebook Groups . Enter key in your field and start interacting with your colleagues and your prospects.Comment, participate, answer and ask as well.

What are the benefits of Inbound Marketing?

The Inbound Marketing has great benefits for your Online Store, both in attracting new customers and in reducing the cost to get them . Inbound Marketing will boost you earning if you are using one of these 5 ways to earn online.

  1. It does not require large budgets: While it takes time and dedication, Inbound Marketing does not require large amounts of money to be made. It simply requires ideas and some time to implement.
  2. More Efficient: The traditional marketing loses day by day, more effectively due to the constant advertising invasion in the life of your prospects. As if this were not enough, visitors who come to us in this way are people who are not very interested, because they were attracted by various techniques that aroused the interest. Generally this interest was piqued by curiosity, urgency or monetary motivation … but none of these people have a real need for our solution. The Inbound Marketing, however, not only does not invade the lives of people, but also gives us potential customers with a high conversion rate because they are people who currently have the need or problem (that is why they came to us) and they saw in our products or services the solution to them.
  3. Goods, not costs: When you create useful content (really useful) and focused on your ideal clients, then you will be creating a well. Why do I say good? Because such a solution in the form of content (video, presentation, an article on his blog) will forever circulating and “working” on the Internet, over the months and years. However, if you make an advertisement on a radio or television for example: How long does the advertising?How long it is working? The time you invest in creating solutions Inbound Marketing is not used once and then is discarded, but remains constantly in operation.

If we consider that the Inbound Marketing requires little capital investment, it is more efficient and creates what one always remains on sending potential customers interested in our solutions … What do you expect to invest time on this?

How to start implementing the Inbound Marketing on your website?

The first thing you need to do is identify your Ideal Client .

By having the Ideal Customer Profile you will achieve your learning of those problems, concerns and needs they currently have, as well as where they are on the Internet: What words used in Google? What Social Networks and for what?

Once you are aware of what your ideal clients need and where and how they are looking for , it’s time to think about your strategy Marketing Content .

Apply various techniques detailed previously Inbound Marketing. Do not spend time in places where your ideal clients are not, start with the places they frequent mostly.

As your shop will generate sales, and increased its turnover allow him to hire more staff, you will start to have more free time. This will result in a new stage. At first, you went to those places where their customers were … in this new phase you must have a presence in new channels to experiment with Inbound Marketing techniques.

Surely in for a surprise, maybe change the direction of your business and need to change the shape or the characteristics of their products and / or services. Why, you ask? Because I assure you find a new Ideal Customer much more profitable, than ever he could have imagined.

Take 5 minutes to assimilate this new information that is beginning to know. Think of the time and resources that are currently investing in the Outbound Marketing and the results you have been getting.

Your potential customers are looking for solutions to their problems and needs TODAY … when you plan to implement the Inbound Marketing in your shop?

If you are not there to provide these solutions, someone else is doing …

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