Trick To Find Your Android Smartphone On Silent Mode

There are millions of people using Android smartphones. Everyone uses its inbuilt services. The most common feature of any phone is Silent Mode. Everyone using this feature. Generally when we attend a seminar or when we go for any movie we turn the normal mode into silent mode and keep the phone at any place and forgets about the phone. Sometime we gets frustrated while searching for the mobile and when we dial the number it rings but because of silent mode, no sound will be heard. In this case, we can’t find our smartphone. So today I am going to share a amazing android phone trick or you can say a amazing android phone app which helps you to find your phone on silent mode.

Trick To Find Your Android Smartphone On Silent Mode

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So the amazing android app is here “Ring My Droid” which fixes our problem. This android phone app helps you to get your phone even on silent mode. This app has an SMS triggered alarm feature, which gives full volume of alarm on your phone when a special key message is sent to the phone. So let’s start with this amazing android app.

How to use this android app?

Step1)First of all download and install this app on your smartphone.

Step2)After completing the installation open the app and you will see the screen like below.

Trick To Find Your Android Smartphone On Silent Mode

Step3)Now just set your key phrase, this is the key which you need to sent when your lost your phone. You can give any type of key phrase.

Step4)Now go to settings of the app and enable Ring when lost and Vibrate when lost.

Trick To Find Your Android Smartphone On Silent Mode

Step5)To check this app turn the device mode in silent mode and send any message to mobile from another smartphone with your key phrase, then see whether your mobile is giving an alarm.
Step6)Once your phone is found, click on the Found Phone button to stop the alarm.

Now it’s done.

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Last words: Hope you understand how to find android smartphone even on silent mode, It is very simple trick but if you face any problem or have any queries regarding this trick then feel free to comment.

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