How To Find Someone On Facebook By Their Photo

The years of hard work to make people’s life easier was finally paid off when these social platforms were introduced. One such fine platform is Facebook with millions of users connecting with each other everyday. The world witnessed a drastic change the day Facebook got launched. Many apps came over these years but none of them were able to beat the amazing qualities that Facebook has. Apps like WhatsApp are also in high demand these days but they are a little different from Facebook. On WhatsApp, you can put background wallpapers in chat but on Facebook, you can’t. On WhatsApp, you can only text the people who are in your contacts whereas on Facebook you can interact with anyone all over the world.

All you have to do is type someone’s username, find their profile and send them a request. But what if someday you want to find your childhood friend and you don’t know what their username is on Facebook. This leaves you in a difficult situation.

Since you both were such good childhood friends, you might have a picture of them. Now, is it possible to find someone on Facebook by their photo? Today, in this blog, we are going to talk about finding someone on Facebook by their photo. Let’s dig more into the topic and find our answers.

Can You Find Someone On Facebook By Their Photo?

You would be very happy to know that yes it is possible to find someone on Facebook by their picture. As we all know Facebook respects every user’s privacy to a high level and makes sure that it doesn’t get violated at any cost. So, Facebook does not have any in-built function of letting people find someone by their picture. In order to do the process, you will have to go for Search Engines otherwise there is no other option.

People who have made their photos private on Facebook won’t be shown in the Search Engine as it is totally against Facebook’s privacy. So, you can only find people who have public images.

How To Find Someone On Facebook By Their Photo

Finding someone by their name is very easy until you don’t know by which username they might be on Facebook. Did you ever think that one day Google would roll out some features like finding people by their image? No? Neither did we. Google has made it very easy for you all to find people on web and see their profile. It also helps you to see someone’s Instagram profile who has blocked you. But now, you can find them by their image too and get all the information about that person. As soon as you upload the photograph of them on the Search Engine, a list of similar pictures will appear with their sources.

You can keep scrolling after finding related images and once you see a source URL related with Facebook, you are done. You can now find all the information related to that photograph, their username on Facebook and so on. We have discussed about some search engines below, we hope it works for you and you get all the results you want. There are multiple other search engines you can find on the internet but lets first take a look at the ones we have explained below.

Google Reverse Image Search

Google Reverse Image Search or we can say, Google Search by Image will be used in this method to explore images related to the one you have on your device. This can also be used to spot a Fake Facebook account owner. Before beginning, we would like you to tell, not to put all your hopes on this method as Google Reverse Image isn’t always successful but there’s no harm in giving it a try. So, lets proceed with the steps:

  1. Go to browser of your computer, type Google Reverse Image Search and hit enter.
  2. Open the first link that is of Google Reverse Image Search and some segments will appear on your screen like- Upload a picture, drag and drop a picture and so on.
  3. Under Upload a picture & drag and drop a picture, you will be able to see ‘Google images’ written on the second point in blue letters. Click on it.
  4. You will land on Google Images tab with a search bar placed at the center. Locate a camera icon on this search bar.
  5. Once you click on this camera, a pop up message will appear asking you to either Paste image URL or Upload an image.
  6. Choose any of the options according to your preference. If you tap on Upload an image, a ‘Choose file’ option will be given to you and by clicking on it you can select any image from your computer.
  7. When you get done with selecting the pic, tap on open and the Google Images will start showing you various similar pictures.

The TinEye

Another amazingly effective image search engine is ‘TinEye’. You can now search any identical image on web with a picture and not with the use of any keywords. Here’s the following steps on how to do the process:

  1. Open your computer and go to the browser. Type TinEye and search for it.
  2. Locate the link for TinEye Reverse Image Search from the results displayed on your screen and click on it.
  3. There will be two options in horizontal shaped boxes. One having ‘Upload’ written on it with an upload icon and the the other box saying-Paste or enter image URL with a search icon at the last.
  4. Select any one of the option and proceed.
  5. If you click on Upload, you computer’s file manager will get opened, then, select the image and tap on Open.
  6. It will start to load and related pictures with a complete list of websites using the similar images will be shown in the results.

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