How To Get Free Unlimited Google+ Followers

Like Facebook and Twitter ,Google+ is also the fastest growing Social Networks but it is considered the best social network for content marketers than facebook and twitter. So everyone  should always try to  make the best use of it.

Well, in this post I have come up with yet new amazing and simple trick to increase Free Google+ Real Followers.

But before started I want you all check my previous  post How to get unlimited Google  plus ones on blog post.

How to get FREE Unlimited Google+ Followers 

So, without  wasting your time lets get started. This trick can give you 50-200 followers daily. Note that the followers will 100% real people, no bots and they will follow you manually.
 ” Follow Others and get Followed “

Steps to get Followers

This trick is very easy to use and takes not more than 10 minutes to done.
Open your Google+ account. Make sure that there are no any restrictions on your account.

Now Search for #SharedCircles.  The results will come with a list of various Google plus Circles shared publicly. 

Here comes to the main part. 
Now here you have to just select any circle with around 200+ members and click on the ADD people button. (To know more about the circle , you can read the circle description).

For adding the people you can create a new circle or add them to any in exisiting circles. I recommend you to make a new circle everytime. 
After creating the circle, you will start getting G+ followers.

Additional Tips

1)You can only add 1 circle in a day. Adding more than one may lead to temporary restrictions on your account.
2)Apply same steps  on alternative days. 
3)You can also search these keywords:  

Try to find Active Circles related to your niche. You will only get followed back by around 50% members of the circle.

Advantages of this Trick:

There are many advantages of this trick, like: 
§                 Your profile will look more professional with having more Followers.
§                 You will start getting Shares , plus ones on your post. 
§                 It will boost your Google+ visibility. 
I hope you all are enjoyed this trick . Share it with your friends and other bloggers. If you any problem, let us know in the comments box. We will try to solve your problem.

Additional Advantages-

As like my Last trick of FREE Google+ Votes, this trick also helps you to earn money. There are many people on Fiverr and SEOCLERKS wants to increase Google+ Followers. So you can target them and earn money.

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Last Words:- I hope you all understand our this amazing trick!! But I will be waiting to hear from you. If you face any problem regarding this trick, then you can ask in comment box. Thanks for visit and please keep visit.

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