How To See When Someone Unfriended You On Facebook

Ever since social media platforms have been launched, our life has completely changed. These platforms have become like a drug no one can live without as it has made everyone’s life so much easier than it used to be. Either its entertainment or its work, with just one click you can access it all. Well, let’s take an example.

It takes a few days or even some interesting conversations between two person to become friends face to face. Nobody could just say Hi to a random stranger and consider them as friends. So, it is very obvious that making friends offline takes days-to know about each other, their interest, where they live and so on. Whereas, how much time do you think it takes to make a friend on Facebook? Seconds, I guess?

Yeah, you heard it right. You just have to click on send request, the other person will accept it and that’s it. This is all you have to do in online mode. This is why social media platforms are so much in demand these days. We read about making friends in a couple of seconds but do you think breaking that friendship would be that simple too? Well, it is. Cutting someone off from your life has become so easy on these platforms. Even when you don’t want to talk to someone, you can leave their message unseen or if it ever gets seen by chance, you can mark it as unseen again. The best feature by which you can completely break bonds with someone is unfriending them. You may have even noticed that someone who has been friends with you on Facebook is not showing in your friend list now, this is because they have unfriended you.

Today, in this blog we are gonna discuss about unfriending people on Facebook. Stick with us till the end and you will get to know if it is possible to know when someone unfriended you, when you unfriended them and when you became friends with someone on Facebook. So, let’s get started.

How To Know If Someone Unfriended You On Facebook

People who are new to Facebook might not be aware of how to know if someone unfriended you on Facebook. Therefore, we are going to explain the same in very simple steps today.

On Facebook Mobile App

  1. Go to Facebook app off your device and type in your email and password to open your account.
  2. After that, locate a three horizontal icon somewhere at top right corner and click on it.
  3. The menu page will open and you will be able to see ‘Friends’ option coming under All shortcuts category.
  4. Tap on it and once you are taken to the ‘Friends’ page, all the pending requests on your account will be listed in front of you with two options at the top- Suggestions, Your Friends.
  5. Select ‘Your Friends’ and you will be able to see all the people you are friends with on Facebook.
  6.  You can search for a friend by typing their name in the search bar placed at the top and if their name does not show up in your friend list, then they have either unfriended you or blocked you from their account. You can still see their profile even if they block you but it will not be shown in your friend list.

On The Desktop Website

  1. Go to Browser and open the Facebook website. Enter your log in credentials and hit the ‘log in’ button.
  2. At the left side of your screen, you will be able to see the Menu of your account. Click on ‘Friends’ option placed right below your Name.
  3. It will take you to the ‘Friends’ page. From here, tap on ‘All friends’ options placed at the left of your desktop’s screen.
  4. The next tab will open showing an entire list of your Facebook friends. The person who has unfriended you will not be shown in this list.

Is It Possible To Know When Someone Unfriended You On Facebook?

When someone wants to break bond with you, they unfriend or block you. Facebook does not notify when someone unfriend you, you will have to check your friend list from time to time to keep a track of who you are friends with and to know who unfriended you. Now, suddenly on discovering some day that a person has unfriended you, your mind may raise thousands of questions. When did they unfriend you, why did they remove you, what suddenly happened and so on. Well, there are chances you might guess it by knowing when they removed you. You may remember you had a fight before, or if you did something wrong to them and so on. There’s always some curiousness to know when and why that person unfriended you.

Well, the answer to ‘Why’ can only be given by that person but is there any method by which we can know ‘When’ that person unfriended you? We are sorry to say but there is no such method. However, you can estimate it by checking the comments and likes of that person on your post. If the person has liked your second recent post and not the latest one, then the unfriending might have happened between the dates they were posted.

How To Know When You Unfriended Someone and When You Became Friends With Someone On Facebook

We have a very easy method for you to find out when you unfriended someone & when you became friend with them. This method can be done by both Android and iOS users. All you have to do is:

  1. Open the official Facebook app on your smartphone and log in to your account.
  2. Look at the top of your screen and you will see six icons. From these, click on the three parallel line icon appearing at the last.
  3. You will be taken to the Menu page, locate a ‘Settings’ icon right next to search icon and click on it.
  4. Once you land on ‘Settings & Privacy’ page, you will see a lot of options under each segment. Scroll down to find ‘Your Facebook Information’ segment.
  5. The second option under this will be ‘Access your information’. Click on it.
  6. At the last of this tab, you will see ‘Download your information’, by clicking on it, you can export the entire friend list of your account. Now, find ‘Connections’ option placed somewhere in the middle of this tab and click on it.
  7. This Connections tab will have all your information about Friends and Followers. You can click on any of the option coming on your screen to see when you became friends with someone, which friends you removed, who you have sent a request and so on.

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