How To See When Someone Turned Off Active Status/Last Seen On Facebook

You all must have noticed the Active Status Feature of Facebook Messenger. This feature is quite common these days as it can be found on almost every social networking platform like Instagram, WhatsApp, and so on. On Facebook, you can see it as a green dot next to  a profile icon or a chat. Whenever you’ll open Facebook Messenger, users wo will be online at that time will appear at the top with a green dot along with their profile icon. It means the person is online at that time and is using the app. So, people could just see who’s online and send them a post or text them to connect with them.

Facebook is a great app with boatload of cool features but this one has some disadvantages too. There comes a time when you don’t feel like talking and wants to enjoy some alone peaceful time with yourself. It is obvious no one can text all day and everyday, you need to give your mind some relaxation from all the work and gossips. Having your active status on while you just want to scroll aimlessly on Facebook without being disturbed by anyone seems impossible. So, people searched for turning off this option. And guess what, you can actually turn it off. Seems cool now, huh? People won’t be able to check if you are online but at the same time turning it off will also stop you from checking who’s active and who’s not. For those who do not know how to turn off their Active Status on Facebook, no worries, we will discuss it in today’s blog.

Suppose you are close to someone but you got into a fight with them over some silly things. You stopped talking to them because of ego problem but that won’t stop you from caring about them. In such cases, watching them come online everyday gives you a relaxation that yes even though you are not talking you can see that everything is alright, they are coming online like they do everyday and using Facebook like everyone does.
Now, what if you are not able to see their active status? Is it because they turned it off or is it because they are actually busy and did not come online? We got to know that many people are finding out a way to know if we can see that a person has turned off active status or not. So, let’s talk about it in today’s blog.

How To Turn Off Active Status On Facebook Messenger

Turning off Active Status or Last Seen feature became very advantageous for the people as they could now use the app for other purpose too without being disturbed by anyone. Here’s the following steps on how to do it:

  1. Download Facebook Messenger from the Play Store or App Store of your device and log in to your account. Set the language as per your choice and see that you have landed on the chat tab.
  2.  Here, at the top you will see a search bar, and under that, all the profile icons with a green dot will appear. These are the people who are online at that time.
  3. To turn off this option, tap on the small profile icon of yours placed at the top left corner.
  4. Then, select ‘Active Status’ option and you will get two options on your screen- Show when you’re active ,and Show when you’re active together.
  5. Simply, tap on the first option’s toggle button and a pop up message will come. Confirm to disable your Active Status by selecting ‘Turn Off’ option.
  6. Once you click on Turn Off, the toggle will turn to grey which shows that the option of showing others your last seen or Active Status has been turned off.

How To Check When Someone Turns Off Active Status On Messenger

Let’s take an example-You text a friend on Facebook who borrowed money from you and now you want it back for some reasons. But, you see that the message was sent 10 hours ago and that person still hasn’t replied you. What will you do in such situations? You will check if that person came active or not. What if the person’s active status suddenly does not appear to you? Now, what will you do? All such situations increases the curiosity to find out what exactly happened. You would want to find out if that person is ignoring your message by turning off their last seen or are they actually offline. To find out all such answers, you will have to follow the steps explained below:

Check Their Recent Activity On Facebook

This is one of the easiest way of finding out if a person is actually offline or has just turned off their active status. You can check that person’s Facebook activity, if they have posted any picture, came live on their account, liked any mutual friend’s picture, shared any post and so on, then that person came online and is using Facebook. At the same time go and check their activity status, if the green dot doesn’t appear next to their profile then it has been turned off.

Ask From A Mutual Friend

You might have at least one mutual friend with the person in question, so, you can text them personally on Facebook Messenger. You can ask if the person whose active status you want to check is talking to them or not. You can take updates from them. If they say that the person in question is conversing with them then they surely have turned off the active status.

Send Them Messages

The Facebook Messenger feature of telling people if a person has read the message or not will make this process very easy for you. All you have to do is text a person and if a ‘Seen’ comes under the last text, then that person has ready your message and is online. This means they have turned off their active status. However, if ‘Seen’ does not appear, then maybe that person has blocked you or he/she did not come online due to some reasons. On platforms like WhatsApp, you can read a message without the other person knowing. But there’s no such feature on Facebook till now, so you will be able to see a ‘Seen’ as soon as the under person reads the message.

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